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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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motion of an advance.” Then they said, "Come
on, we will treat with you.” Jasper Parrish was
despatched to Philadelphia.

The commissioners not being permitted to come
here, were landed at the mouth of the river, and
have sent for us.


Settled with our landlord, Matthew Dolson,
for six weeks accommodation, twelve pounds, seven
shillings, and six-pence, York money.


I visited Col. England, in company with
John Parrish, to confer with him, on the most eligi-
ble mode of departure from Detroit. He, with his
wonted politeness, offered his barge; but gave it as
his sentiment, that we had better stay till fifth-day,
when the Dunmore would sail, to be at the commis-
sioners' direction. As it was his orders, it was also
his inclination, to accommodate them, all in his
power, we consented to add two days more to our

We had an interview with several Indians to-day;
one of them acknowledged he had killed a Kuhemo-
comon, and stole three horses this spring. He was
a warlike creature, and we could do little with him,
for want of an interpreter. I gave him a few hints,
a pipe, and a loaf of bread, and he departed.


A solemn morning; my mind composed,
and engaged in mental aspirations to the Supreme
Controller of events, that he might be pleased to
bless our endeavours to promote the glory and ho-
nour of his own great name, the advantage of our
country, the peace of nations, and of individuals. —
In which I beheld, that so long as we dwelt only on
the surface, and superficies of important subjects, in
a chain of carnal reasoning, and in the fogs and mists