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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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among the Wiandots

, with several of
his attendants, they were sober, and what
is remarkable, neither these Men, nor
those that visited us yesterday, made any
request for Rum. - at 10 A.M. had a
Meeting in the Sail Loft, and another at
the same place at 5 in the Afternoon, at
both of which were a pretty large number
of Soldiers, and Towns people, and a few
of the officers of the Garrison, their conduct
generally was very commendable, and
the Meetings, in the main, solid and
satisfactory.- In the evening there
was a Marriage at our Lodgings, - the
Young Man is a settler upon the River
La Trench, and a Nephew to our Landlord
M.Dolsen, the Young Woman is a Native
of Virginia who was taken a Prisoner by
the Indians, from whom she made her
escape. - the Ceremony was perform'd by
J. Arken Esq, and the whole decently condu