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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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house of Matthew Dolsen

, who keeps a good
table and an orderly House, - we lay upon our
own Mattresses, and pay 4/ per day each, for
our diet, exclusive of Liquor - Imported Goods
are double the price they are in the
United States, and Country produce nearly
as high - a good calf is sold for £4.10 N.Y. Curr.,
a Cow for £15.-, - Wheat 12/ per Bushel, -
Salt 60/ per bushel. Soon after our arrival
went out to visit Captain John a Chief
of the Mohawks, and other Indians, who were
our fellow passengers on board the Dunmore,
we found them sober, and had some friendly
conversation with them, endeavoring to
inform them of our motives of leaving
home, with which they seemed well pleas'd,
and assured us of their hearty friendship
- but the next day exhibited a very different
scene - the War dance­ Captain John
and most of his party were drunk - they
were almost naked and frightfully painted
which with their Yells, musick and Tomahocks
afforded an entertainment, by no means
pleasing - before they came to the door of
our Lodging, Captain John, who did