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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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this evening morning arrived three large bark
Canoes, with Twenty Eight Chippeways

, from
Michillamackanac, on their way to Miami.


This morning sail'd the Snow Chippeway

for Fort Erie, in whom went passenger Richd.
, by whom I wrote to New York.

Friends agreed with M.Dolsen

to supply
the Moravian Indians with Corn and Flour,
to the value of one hundred Dollars, part of
which was this morning delivered,
for which they appear'd to be very grateful.

Dined with John Askin

Esqr., a Merchant
of this place, by whom we were very agreeably
entertained. - he, in some measure, corrobe-
rated the account given by the Canadian on
the 22nd respecting the North West Trade - he
says that from a place called the Grand Portage,
at the upper end of the Lakes, they travel above
2000 miles to the Westward, in small bark
Canoes so light that two Men carry them - all the pro-
vision, allowed to each Man for this long
voyage, being no more than one bushel of
Indian Corn, that has been boil'd in Lye and hull'd