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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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our Lodgings, being in Liquor, he desired
to enquire of the Landlord whither
he could tarry in hie House all Night, but
being told that it was contrary to the regulations
of the Garrison, he seemed to be displeased, and
ask'd for his Tomahawk, which Ash

had in
keeping, and going up stairs to get it, the
Indian followed him, and on receiving it,
said he was Drunk, and did not know what
might happen before Night - then lifting
his Tomahawk, attempted to strike Ash,
who being upon his guard, seized his arm
and pushed him down Stairs - he then
went up to M. Dolsen, knock'd off his Hat,
and in the Indian tongue, bid him be
Strong, and see if he could turn him
out, and made a stroke, in which the
Hatchet flew off the halve. - Dolsen im-
-mediately seized him, turned him out of
the House, and bruized him pretty much,
the Indian seeing his blood run, and
having recovered his Tomahawk, flourished
it about in a great rage, and in all