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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Joseph Moore's Journal

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crew about ninety. We left our horses in the care
of Benjamin Willson

— next day set sail and steered
up the lake. We had fine pleasant weather until the
8th, when being near the islands towards the head
of the lake, and dark night coming on us, we stood
off and on till morning — had several squalls of rain,
and short blasts of high wind, with thunder and
lightning — which was somewhat alarming, as our
ship had on board a large quantity of powder. But
through the goodness of kind Providence we were
preserved from damage.


and first of the week; — fine pleasant morning
with light airs of wind. The islands now appeared
in sight. This day we had a small meeting in the
cabin with our fellow passengers and two Indian
chiefs. In the evening entered the mouth of Detriot
river, and anchored till morning; when we ran up
the beautiful river a northerly course, with a fair
wind to Detroit

. This is a small garrison town, with
a variety of inhabitants. Here is much of the sound
of drums and trumpets, but not much religion. The
people here, as well as those on board our ship, were
very respectful to us — and there was great harmony
amongst ourselves. Thanks be to kind Providence
for all his unmerited favours. Here we landed our
small baggage, and took lodgings at Matthew Dol-
for the present.


Found our accommodations comfortable and
easy. We visited the commandant,colonel Eng-

, and showed him our passport from governor
, at Niagara, and are now waiting the com-
missioners coming forward, which we hope may be
soon. From the present complexion of things, it
looks likely to be some time before the treaty com-