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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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I Left Oneida the 8th Day of the 5 month 1797.
in order to take Some Impliments of Husbandry,
& other articles on to the Onondago & Cayuga Nations of Indians
which our Friends of Philada had Sent to Fort Scuy-
; with a request that one or two of us would take
and Distribute them among there two Tribes; at
discretion; and as there was but two of us at Onei
da at that time, it fell to my Lot to take them al
one with the Ox Team, which was none of the Small-
est of tryals; as I had understood the Road was very
bad & tedious, and found it to be the case.

The first night Lodged at Cannasharaugua at
John Dinneys, an Oneida Indian where I met with a cold
bed, & cold reception, from thence through a smart hail Storm
to Ephraim Websters the Interpretter 18 miles, who
Lives about 3 miles from the Onondago Castle, He told me
that many of Onondago Indians were gone after Pigeons
I thought it best to leave their Share of goods at his House
and go on to Cayuga & them Divided when I came back