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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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the Friends should have liberty, to Inclose what they might
want of the flatts, for hay, or pasture, agreeable to the 8th article
And John Skennondo, Antony Shonnonlego & Nicholas Shago-
, where appointed as Judge, under the 9th article.

In Confirmation of all which Proceding agreements, we have
hereunto Interchangably Set our Hands; John Peirce, James
, Joseph Sansom, Isaiah Rowlang, Jacob Taylor,
Enoch Walker, and Henry Simmons Junr.

A Large witeh frost at Oneida the 31st of the 8. Month 1796
I was at a burial of one of the Indians the 31st Day of the 8th Mo 1796
Capn William, where there was about two Hundred Indians
old & young of which I did not Perceive a Smile in any of their
Countenances, but many of the Women was much affected.
Several uncommon Circles round the Sun the 1st Day of the 9 mo
which Succeeded by a great Storm of rain & wind next Day. 1796
Snow Squals at Oneida, the 17th Day of the 10 Month 1796.
the ground Covered with Snow the 3rd of the 11th Mo
the 6th of the 11 Mo. a great Storm Rain Wind and Snow.