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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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we also agree that the Hundred Dollars Lent to Capn Hendrick
by our Committee, to gether with 40 Dollars Lent to John Serjant
by us; for the use of your Nation, Shall be considered as a part
of this advance, and Left in your hands for the aforesaid Purpose
Provided always, that if the Goverment, Shall at any Time pay
the expence of Said Mill agreeable to an Article which you Say
is contained in a Late Treaty, Then, in that case you are to refund
to our committee all and every part of the advance made by us
Toward Said Mill; And we propose our Friends Jacob Taylor, and
Enoch Walker, to take the Special care of, and Superintendance
of building Said Mill; without making any Charge on your for
There trouble; and we further Propose, That when Said Mill, is
Erected, that you at a general Council; Should Choose a suitable
Man amongts yourselves to take the care of this Mill, and to
grind all your grain, and to keep the Mill in order, and that you
agree upon Some certain & fixed Portion for this man to have
out of every grist that Shall be ground; Suffitient to pay him
well for this Time, and Trouble; and to enable him to keep the
mill in good repair, which he ought to Do at his own expence
out of his profits, which you allow him; And we further Propose,
that you admit your, Brothers, the Tuscororas to Enjoy
part of the advantages of this Mill;