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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 1 1796-1797

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Henry Simmons Jun.r His Book
Left home the 29th Day of the 5th mo. 1796
Arived at Oneida the 11th of the 6th Month 1796

The names and ages of the Indian Girls
brought from the Oneida Country, and placed
in Friends Families in Chester County
Margery Aupaumut; being 13 years old 2nd mo 1797
Elizabeth Maumontsquaw - being 13 years old the
20th of the 10th month 1797.
Mary Pohquonnopput; Was born 3rd Mo 3rd 1788
Margery Mautawsquaw; Was 12 years old
the ninth Day of the 1st month 1797.
Catherine Peters, being 18 years of age 1797.
Leah Kughwighnetha; being 11 years of age 1797