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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Our Baggage arrived this afternoon
and was put on board the Sloop Vley, Capt.

, who expects to sail tomorrow for
New York.


Left Albany

about 10 oClock, with a
fine wind, and very shortly after, ran
aground upon the Oversloughs about
two Miles below, where all our exert
exertions to get off this Tide proved in


Not being able to get the Vessell off at
high water last night, this morning
made a Raft of the boards upon Deck
by which means and a great deal of
labour got off a float and run down
over the shoals, and came to an Anchor
in order to take in our Raft of Boards.
- about 4 P.M. again made sail,
the Wind, which for several days past
has been strong from the Northward, is
now almost done.


Light airs of wind from the southwd.
- pass'd Hudson

in the Night, which is