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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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30 miles from Albany

- at 8 A.M. opposite
Katskill on the west side of the River 40 miles
from Albany, - in the evening lay at Red
Hook wharf, on the East side of the River 45
miles from Albany.


Small breeses of Wind still from the S.ward
- in the Morning found ourselves at Anchor
opposite Usopus

, on the West side, 100 miles
from New York, - work'd down with the Ebb.
and anchor'd in the evening about 4 miles
above Poughkeepsie, on the East side, which
is call'd half way from Albany to New York


Wind the same as Yesterday - in the
morning we lay along side a Lime Kiln
wharf opposite the mouth of Wappings Cr
Creek, 6 miles below Newburgh - about 1 oClock
pass'd Newburg

on the West side of the River,
opposite to which on the east side of the River is
the Fish Kills - New Windsor lays about one
mile below Newburgh, on the same side
of the River - two or three miles below New W
New Windsor, we enter the High Lands, &
anchor'd during the Flood, about 2 miles above
West Point.