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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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On First Day the 4th of the 5th Mo 1793 at
9 o'clock in the evening left New York in order
to attend the Treaty to be held with the Indians
at Sandusky

, near the West end of Lake Erie.

Our company who were going the same
rout consisted of Jacob Lindley

, William Savery,
Rich'd Hillary, a young Englishman, John Hackenwelder, a Minister among the
Moravians, Dr. William McCoskry, and Captain
Scott, Commissary to the Commissioners.
We had an indifferent passage
up the river, part of the way being
in the Night, and arrived at Albany on the 8th,
about 5 in the morning.- Albany appears
to be a place of considerable trade, some of
the Houses are well Built, the streets mostly
paved, but some of them very narrow and
irregularly laid out -- here the Low Dutch
Language is generally spoken, and the
manners of the inhabitants not esteemed
very pleasing. At Albany we found General
, one of the commissioners, and ChS Stover,
their Secretary -- upon our arrival with the
Stores, General Lincoln was desirous of going
immediately to Schenectady, and with considerable
difficulty, and many hours delay, at length
procured a Horse and Chair, and without an
Attendant, about 6 in the Evening, set off for that