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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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about 15 miles from Oswego



It being a fine calm morning about
8 o’Clock embark'd, and in the evening en-
camped at a place call'd the Apple Boom

, a
good harbour for Boats, about 40 miles from
Oswego.- about 30 miles from Oswego on
the south side of the Lake, is Great Sodus River
a good harbour for Vessells.


Rain last night - in the morning a fresh
Breeze about West which prevented our moving
untill about 4 P.M. when we again Launch'd
our Boats and proceeded about 7 miles, then
landed and encamped on the Shore.


About 5 A.M. embark'd and went 6 miles,
then landed and got breakfast, in the mean
time a fair Wind sprung up which we,
hoisting our Sails, made use of - about
10 A.M. opposite the Mouth of Genesee River
(here we saw a House, being the only settlement we discovered on the Lake) which is call’d 65 miles from Oswego – 10
miles to the Westward of Genesee is Braddock’s
Bay, where we stopt to dine – this appear’d
to be the most pleasant spot we have as yet found upon
the Lake – on both sides the Creek fine Meadows
and the upland has the appearance of fertility
– The Timber chiefly Oak, with some Chesnut
Hickory and Maple.- The Bank of the Lake
from Oswego to Braddocks Bay is mostly low,
and level, not to exceed 40 feet in the highest places,