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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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- after dining at Montreal

we cross'd
the River at Longuiel Ferry, intending
to proceed on our way to Lake Champlain
immediately, but it being in the heigth of
their Oat Harvest, we were disappointed
in getting Carriages, and were obliged
to take up our Quarters at the Ferry-
House for the Night.


We were provided with Carriages &
about 6 in the morning set off for
St. Johns

, in our way pass'd by Fort
, in which is a Garrison, and
about 12 oClock arrived at St.John's, the
distance being 27 miles. - Chamblee is
situated at the foot of the Rapids of the
River Sorrell, which runs out of Lake
Chamblain, at St. Johns, into the River
St. Lawrence, from Chamblee to St. Johns
is a carrying place of about 12 miles, the
road very good. - about 5 P.M. embark'd
on board a Boat of about 9 Tons burthen,
Sloop rigg'd, and Deck'd, it being almost