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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Calm, got only 5 miles on our way, and
went on Shore, at a very ordinary Public House
where we tarried all night.


Embark'd about about 7 A.M. - the wind
being ahead, we work'd up about 9 miles
to a Tavern One mile below the Isle aux
Noix, where we put up for the Night.


Set off about 7 A.M., had to stop and
give an account of ourselves at the Fort on
the Isle aux Noix - the Wind coming fair
about 11 oClock we got up the Lake to where
the boundary Line intersects it in 45° of
N. Lattitude, - the Country on the East side
of the Lake appears pleasant & fertile, & thickly
settled on both sides of the Line, - on the
West side also are many settlements, but
not so flourishing as on the East. - about
One oClock pass'd the Brittish Garrison on Point
au Fair, and also the Kings Schooner laying
in the Lake opposite to it, to both of which
the master of the Boat was obliged to give
some account of himself and his Cargo.