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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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four miles from it. - La Chine

is a
Village situated on the same Island on
which Montreal is built, to this place all
Goods intended for the Western Trade is
brought by Land from Montreal, & from
thence sent by Batteaux, Canoe's &c in
many directions into the Indian Country.
- in the River St.Lawrence, between Kingston
and the Lake St. Francis are a vast mul-
titude of Islands, most of which are small,
barren, and Rocky. - The Country in
the Neighborhood of Montreal appears
to be very thickly inhabited, fertile &
pleasant. - The Town is about half
the size of New York, the buildings mo
mostly of stone, some of the Houses
are roof'd with Tin plates, and in
general are pretty well built, - some
of the Streets are commodious and well
paved, - it appears to have a plentiful
Market, and provision, in general,
about the same price as in New York