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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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and emigrants from different quarters,
- after we got below the boundary Line
which strikes the water somewhere on Lake
St.Francis, we found improvements on
both sides, but the N.W. side of the Lake
being low and Marshy swampy had but few settleĀ­
ments, on the S.E. side appeared more
pleasant, and better cultivated. - The
Country on both sides the River, below
the Lake, is thickly inhabited, especially
on the West side, where the Land appears
to be fertile and well improved. - The
Rapids in this River are not easily de-
scribed, - those of Long Sue, and the Cedars
are the most remarkable, in one of
which we went 3 Leagues in 35 minutes
and the in the other the same distance
in 40 minutes.- Opposite La Chine

which is 9 miles from Montreal, is a
large Indian Town, the Houses appear'd
to be commodious & well built, a large
Church, or Chappel, standing in the Town,
and another building of the like kind, 3 or