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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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This day the Commissioners were furnished
with a few ripe Water Melons, being the first I
have seen.


The wind blew hard from the Eastward
the greatest part of the last night, attended
with Rain- this Wind we hope will hasten
the arrival of a Vessell from Fort Erie

, by whom
a Person is expected from Philadelphia that
was sent there an Express by the Commissioners
from Niagara.- Some of our company kill'd
one of the small black Rattle Snakes - there
skin is much darker than the large sort, -
they seldom exceed the length of 18 inches, and
have but two or three Rattles - there bite, is
is said to be very venomous, much more
so than that of the larger kind.


Last night arrived two of the Stockbridge

with letters from Hendrick their Chief, with
by which we were informed that there seem'd to be
a disposition in the Indian Council to admit
the Commissioners to a Treaty, and giving it
as his opinion that a Peace would be soon
established.- We are further told that the
place of Treaty is like to be altered from