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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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The Wind moderated, and Weather
clear'd away, - sail'd the Sloop Detroit for
Fort Erie



About 2 oClock P.M. departed this Life a
poor Indian Slave who belonged to M. Elliott


--There is a Nation far to the westward,-
called Panies, or Pawnees

, with whom, it is said,
the Chippeway's are at perpetual war, - it
was a Custom formerly among these barbarous
Nations to put all their prisoners to Death,
but since their acquaintance with the
White People these prisoners are become an
article of Traffic, and sold to the Traders, --
who again dispose of them to the Settlers,
by this means Indian Slaves are become
numerous, and all, however acquired, go
under the denomination of Pawnees. --

-The poor fellow above mentioned was a Pawnee

and had for a long time been in a declining way,
but was so well this morning as to be able to walk
about the Door - he died at 2 in the afternoon and
was put in the Grave about 7 the same evening -
-The burial was attended by most of the Commissioners
retinue, and J.M. spoke a few words at the Grave
well adapted to the occasion.