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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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to the mouth of the Miami, and
that a Deputation from the Council may be
expected to this day or tomorrow, who were are to give
a favourable answer to the Commissioner's Speech
and attend them to the place of Treaty - about
10 oClock a Canoe with 7 Chipewa Indians from
the Council, arrived here on their way home.
--these people confirm the intelligence we received
last night, and we are again fill 'd with the pleasing
hope that this tedious and expensive Embassy will
not be altogethe fruitless.


Warm and sultry - anxiously waiting the
return of the Indians.


This morning arrived the Ottaway from
Fort Erie

, in her came Jasper Parrish who was
sent an Express by the Commissioners from Niagara
to Philadelphia. - he brought Letters for most of
our friends, and News Papers as late as the
20th of last month.- The Chippeway also came
down from Detroit, bound to Fort Erie, and anchor'd
near our Encampment.­ Friends had a Meeting
this afternoon at Gros Isle, at which I was not


Since we have been upon this spot we have
experienced from a certain class of Men, a treatment