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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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whither they have power to make the
Ohio the boundary line, if not, the whole
business is at an end.


About 9 A.M. the Indian Deputies,
twenty five in number, came over and
had a public conference with the Commissionrs

-Their speaker (whose name in English is Carry-folks People-

) express'd their gladness that it had pleas'd
the Great Spirit to bring the Commissioners thus
far in safety and good health, and then
proceeding to business, said, there had some
mistake happened at the Conference at Navy
, and in order to rectify which they
had now come forward wih a message
from the Council, and, that they might not
be liable to blunder a second time, they had
brought a Paper, which spoke what was in their their whole
Heart. - They then delivered the Letter, being
in substance the same as we were told last
night, - After a few minutes private consul-
tation, Genl. Lincoln, in behalf of the Commiss.
told them the Indians, that the Contents of the