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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Willm. Savery

return'd from Detroit
in Company with Capt. Freeman and Ensign
Broadhead, Joseph Moore intending to
come down with the Schooner Nancy
who it is expected will leave Detroit tomorrow
on her way to Fort Erie.- In the evening
arrived two large Batteaux, with Captain
, Tho. McKee (son of the Col.) and
a number of Indians who are said to be a
deputation from the great Council - Elliott
McKee and some others came over to
us, but the Indians landed on an Island
opposite to our Encampment. - We are
informed the Indians at the Council are
much dissatisfied with the conduct of their
Chiefs who met the Commissioners at Navy Hall
- that they either mistook their instructions,
or neglected to follow them, in consequence
of which, this second Deputation is sent.

- Their first and Principal business we
are told is to know of the Commissioners whither