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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Paper should be considered, and an Answer
given Tomorrow. - We were inform'd,
that, as Capt.Elliott

, when he parted with
the Commissioners, on going to the Miami,
fully expected their would be a Treaty, had
concluded to leave the Letter to Col. McKee
(inclosing our Address to the Indians) of the
17th, with the Comissnrs. to be return'd to us,
which has been done accordingly.- about
4 P.M. Joseph Moore landed from the
Schooner Nancy, having left Detroit about
10 in the morning,- the Nancy proceeded on
her way to Fort Erie.


The Indians came over about 10 oClock, but
were informed that an answer would not be ready
for them before 5 in the afternoon,- about
that time the Deputies assembled, and Col.

, in behalf of the Commissioners, ap
-pologized for making them wait so long for
an answer.- He then according to the
Indian custom, repeated over the Contents of
the written message brought from the Council
at the Miami, and proceed to read a very