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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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to Gros Isle where we had a Meeting
at the House of Wm. McComb Esqr.

, who
for the most part resides at Detroit, where
his family is at present. - a considerable
number of the Inhabitants were present
- Gros Isle is situated at the Mouth of
Detroit River, is seven miles long and
two wide - The soil and Timber remarkably
good, the whole being the property of Wm.
. - several of our acquaintance
came from Detroit to pay us a Visit, among
whom John Asquith and Francs. Cornwall
- in the evening a number of the
Oneida Indians, the same who arrived
the first of this Month, were encouraged
by some of the young Men of our Company
to have a Dance, - they began about
8 oClock and continued untill 2 in the
Morning, during which time, their
Music and Shouts, effectually prevented
us from Sleeping.