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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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every sense, has been made pleasant
beyond what could have been foreseen,
or reasonably expected, - for this great
favour, thanksgiving and praises are
due to the Great Author of every good

--The kind attention which, unrecom-
mended, we have received from Strangers, I
hope, will ever be kept in grateful re-
membrance, and I cannot but conclude,
the obligation is greatly enhanced by the
persuasion, that it proceeded not from
sinester motives, but was simply
the effusion of noble and generous Minds.


This morning Col. England

at our Quarters, and kindly offered to
lend us his Barge to go down to go down
the River, or accommodate us in any
other way that might be more agreeable,
but, as the Dunmore would be ready to Sail
on the morning of the 25th, he would re-
commend it to us to wait untill that
time and go down in her - we