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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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in the first place, whither the Com-
-missioners were properly authorized to
treat, and secondly, whither they had
power to recede from the boundary-
Line now claimed by the United States,
and being satisfied in both these points,
they took the Commissioners by the hand, and
presenting them with a Belt of white Wamp
-um, invited them to come forward to the
Treaty. - We are informed by Captain

that he has orders to attend upon the
Commissioners with his Vessell, and expects
to be ready to proceed to the Mouth of
the River in a Day or two.


We were busy in settling our little
concerns, and preparing to leave Detroit

ware where we have experienced many marks
of polite attention, and hospitallity, especially
from the officers of the Garrison, beyond what
some of us expected or even flatter'd ourselves
was our due. - Our way hitherto, in every