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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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acknowledged his kindness, and concluded
to go in the Dunmore -- We were this
Day visited by a young Shawnese

a relation of Col.McKee, the Brish Agent,
- His Shirt was red stript Persian, orna-
mented with One thousand Six hundred small
round silver Broaches.- He was accompanied
by another Beau, the rim of whose Ears were
cut all round, except about an inch of the
upper end part - the part thus cut was so
streatch'd, and wound about with coarse
brass wire, that it form'd an Oval of about
three inches in length and two in breadth,
at the lower end of which each hung an
a Silver Cross, of above four three inches long.


Got most of our Baggage, Stores etc. on
board the Dunmore, Captain Ford

us he intended to sail early in the


About 9 oClock embark'd on board
the Dunmore for the mouth of Detroit River