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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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had bargained for an extent of 10 miles
round the Town of Nashville, Governor Blount

had caused 40 miles to be inserted.- and instead
of a Consideration of 2000 Dollars yearly, he had
put down but 1000 dollars.- This being but
one side of the question, we do not pretend to
Judge, but it is the received opinion here, that
their errand to the Council is, to form a Union
with the Northern Indians, and make One
common cause, either in forming a Treaty,
or carrying on a War. - The Vessell (the Felicity) to Carry
Wilbank to Fort Erie, sail'd about 2 oClock:-
- Yesterday a young Man going out to look
for Horses, got lost in the Woods, which are very
thick within less than a Mile of the Fort.-
several 18 pounders were fired in the afternoon
in order to direct him in finding the way back,
which, I suppose had the desired effect, as I am
informed he got safe home in the Evening -
- several instances of the kind have before
occurred, and sometimes the persons lost have
never returned. - It is said some little time
past, two Indians were kill'd by the Wolves
in the Neighbourhood of this place.