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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Having received many civilities from
the officers of the 24th British Regiment, now at
this place, gratitude induces me to wish to
remember their names, which from a printed
account published in the year 1792, I find to be
as follows.-

Lt.Col- Lieutenants Ensigns Richd. England 2D W.C.Short.D Wm. Kelly D Willm. Campbell Wlm. Robison D. C.Vandeleur D Major~~ Geo. Meyrick F.J., O'Brien D Captains R. Christmas J.C. Strong John Blake Thos. Talbot J.R. Broadhead D Robn. Neill, D Edmd. Henn D Thos. Spencer Quin John Freeman D Chs.S. Andrews D Allan Billingham D William Doyle Ed Donnell Andrew Foster. E. W. Leybourne D Jam. Magarth -- Crawford-D Paul Mounsey D Richd. Foster Ferg. Speers, Joseph Blunt Chs. Earle Ct. Lt.

The Wind which for many days past
has been from the S.W.and consequently
unfavourable for coming up the Lake, yesterday
and today has blown from the N.E., so that
we are now hourly in hopes of having
intelligence from below, which we expect
will cause our immediate removal from
this place