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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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of everlasting happiness in the Life
which is to come.

Detroit 7 mo 17th, 1793J.P.

Some of our Friends had an interview
with a Person of the Name of Wilbank, who-
within a few days past arrived, with a Party
of 26 Southern Indians, from the back parts of
the Carolina's and Georgia, at the Great Council
at the Miami, - he came from thence to this
place, and a Vessel is to be dispatched immediately
to carry him down to Governor Simcoe

. He says,
that the Indians have in several instances
been grossly imposed upon, particularly by
Governor Blount, who by bribing an Interpreter
had cheated them out of a great extent of
Country, and defrauded them of one half
the Sum, agreed upon to be paid yearly, as
as a compensation for the Land granted,-
in one instance where they had agreed to
sell 50 miles square they had fraudulently
put in the Deed 80 miles - and where they had