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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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are fully convinced that by looking up
to the Great Spirit for Counsel, all differences
may be settled without fighting and killing
one another, which we think is very
Cruel and attended with many distressing
circumstances both to you and the White People.

Our society have experienced for more
than one hundred years great advantage
and satisfaction in living Peaceably with
all Men, and are very desirous that you
may enjoy the same benefits, and to that
end were made willing to expose ourselves,
encounter hardships, and spend our sub-
stance to promote Peace and Love between
you and the Government of the United
States.- We pray the Good Spirit
that He may put an end to the ravages
of War and unite all Men as Brethren,
that by being bound together in one great
Chain of Love and friendship which can
cannot be broken, we may all seek the
happiness of each other in this Life, and
be prepared prepared for the enjoyment of