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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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in a Shirt, scarlet Coat, with gold apaulets
and a Gold laced Hat, Leggins and Mockasins,
but, as all other Indians are, without Breeches.
-He was very cautious of speaking upon
public affairs, said he was not the Head-
Man of his Nation, but only a War-chief,
as such he had given his opinions with
them sentiments to the Council, and now
left it with them; whose business it was, to
determine as they might think proper
- said he had heard we were in Detroit,
and having some business this way, came
to see us, but had nothing to say on Public
matters - he had often heard of Quakers, he
said, but had never seen any of them be-
fore, and, expressing his regard for them,
and satisfaction with the Visit, took his
leave. - Friends had a desire to be more
particular with him, in regard to the Objects
which induced them to take this long Jour-
ney, but the Interpretter not seeming to
be disposed to gratify them in that respect,
they were constrained, after expressing a little
of their desires for the Peace and wellfare of man kin