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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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mankind, to be silent. - Blue Jacket

said that should the Commissioners & Indians
meet at a Treaty, and matters like to be ac-
-commodated, it was his opinion it would
be two Months before the business would be
compleated. - this day sail'd the Schooner
Nancy for Fort Erie, a Merchant Vessell, with
a Cargo of Peltry, and Indian-made Maple-
Sugar, by this it may appear, that a greater
quantity of Sugar is procured from the Indians
than is consumed in this part of the Country,
how much lower down, the Country is
is not supplied in the same way,
is what I cannot determine, but from the
best information, I am ready to think, that
very little foreign Sugar, if any, if any foreign sugar (except refined)
is consumed in Upper Canada.


Arrived the Sloop Detroit from Fort

, we hear by this Vessell that the-
Commissioners had taken their passage
in the Dunmore, and may be hourly
expected.- The Chippeways in which the