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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Indians of the Stockbridge Nation

, with
a Letter from Captain Hendricks, their Chief
- they confirm the accounts, already receiv'd
received, of a deputation being set down
to the Commissioners


Had a visit from David Kennedy

, a
half Indian, of the Mohawk Nation, who had
been Educated in Scotland, sensible well-informed
Man, but too much adicted to the vice so
prevalent among the Indians, the Love of
Rum, - he came in company with Capt.
from the Council - says he was
not admited into the secret Council of the
Indians, but from what he could gather, was
not without a hope that peace may be
established. - The Stockbridge Indians return'd
return'd to their Chief at the Miami, with
a small supply of necessaries, afforded
them by Friends.


Captain Blue Jacket

, the famous Chief
of the Shawnese, who commanded at the
defeat of General St. Clair, paid us a Visit
this morning, - he is a stout well-looking
Man of about 45 years of age, Dress'd in