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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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probability, had not Capt. Munsey

, an
officer of the Garrison, been present, some
mischief would have been done, but
the captain took away his Tomahawk,
and sent for a Guard, who turn'd him out
of the Fort.


Arrived the Sloop Felicity from the
Miami River - people here are more
and more confirmed in the belief that it
will not be safe for us to attend meet the
Indians at Sandusky

. - this day also
arrived the Schooner Nancy from


being first day had a satisfactory
Meeting, at the usual place and time,
in the Morning, and also Friends had
another at 4 in the afternoon, five or
six miles from hence, at the River Rouge,
at which, not being very well, I was
not present. - Captain John

a Chief
of the Mohawks arrived from the Council
at the Miami River, and also two or three