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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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to where the sun sets, but they are now
determined to be driven no further, should
they go to where the Sun sets, they would
all be lost forever. - The Congress must
remove their Forts, and all their People over
the River, and then the Indians will take
them by the hand, and become their true
friends - but should the Commissioners
meet the Indians in Council, and there
pretend that they have conquered their
Country, and will not remove out of it, in
that case, the Indians will withdraw from
the Council, and then, instantly, fall upon
the opposite party, and destroy them all -
this is the substance of what he said as
intrepretted by Sylvester Ash

Sylv Ash, as near as I can re-
member. -- This day the Ottaway sail'd
for Fort Erie, in whom M.Elliott embark'd,
to be landed at the Mouth of. the Miami River
- Thermometer, in the Shade 102, in the
Sun 123 - In the evening after having
made the above remarks, the Shawen-
Warriour abovementioned return'd to our