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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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to a resolution, to accept of no terms short of
making the Ohio the boundary line. - Our
Interpretter was formerly a Prisoner among the

, and had been adopted into the family
of this Young Man, in the place of his Father,
and in their discourse the Indian gave him
that appellation, saying, my Father, I will
tell you what I know, and speak the truth - in
the begining of the World, this Land was given
to the Indians, and the White People were placed
beyond the great water - when the white Men
first came to this Land, the wise old Men
among the Indians, told their People, that if
they received anything of the white Men, they
would be destroyed,­ "the bitter Water was made
for white folks, but the Water of the Brooks and
Rivers for, the Indians, - but not regarding
this advice, many of the Nations Traded with
the Whites, took their Hatchets, Knives and
Rum, and gave up their Land for trifles,
and, according to the ancient prediction, they
have wasted away, and some of them -
become quite extinct, and the few that
are remaining are driven, almost to