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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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where we tarried all night.


We proposed returning to Detroit this
morning, but the wind coming a head, and
blowing hard, prevented us - we went to
Francis Cornwalls

, a Connecticut Man, were
we dined, and J.M. and myself, were kindly
entertained at his house all night.


Wind still at N.E. with much Rain
and very cold for the season - the transitions
from heat to cold, in this country, being very
frequent, and I think to a much greater degree than
in New Jersey - about 5 in the afternoon it began
to clear away, but the wind still against us, Jacob

and John Elliott left us and went on foot
up to Detroit.


A fine pleasant morning - after breakfast
we embark'd in our Canoe, and with the assist-
ance of Fred Arnold

, pushed up against the
current to Detroit - A young Canadian we met
with at F. Cornwall's inform'd us he had been
several voyage's in the N.W. Trade, that they
generally left Montreal in the begining of the
5th month, and that, without any stop
but making the best of their way, it took them so late
in the fall, that the Rivers were often frose, before they
got to their Journeys end. - the Indians they met with
there were mostly a harmless honest People. Their