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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Tents and dress being chiefly mostly made of Buffaloe Skins
- he says the distance they went with their
Canoe's taking the Course of the Lakes and Rivers
was more than 2000 Leagues from Montreal. - this evening
we were all invited to sup with the officers at
the mess Room.


Some Indians of the Chippeway Nation

came in from the great Council at Miami
who bring accounts, as we are told, that the
Indians are very backward in gathering, few
or none from the S.W. having yet come in,
owing, it is said, to the injudicious movement
of General Wayne. - Matthew Elliott gives it
as his opinion, that the treaty will not com-
mence before the middle of next Month - at
10 this morning had a Meeting in the Kings
Sail Loft, in which some experienced their
strength to be renew'd.


Various are the reports that we daily hear,
some of them exceedingly discouraging, insomuch
that some of our Friends of this place, in the most serious
manner, advise us not to think of attending
the Treaty.- This day J. HackenĀ­ welder

, with
a number of his Brethren, the Moravian Indians,
came to the Garrison from their settlement on
the River La Trench, about 70 miles from hence,
by them we understand that the said Indians