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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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this Vessell a number of the Six Nation Indians
came Passengers.


Accounts are circulating here, and generally
believed, that General Wayne

has advanced his
Army, a considerable distance from Fort Washing
, toward the Indian Country - this, it is said,
adds greatly to the jealousy and rage of the Indians
- several Tribes, on the strength of these reports,
we are inform'd, are return'd back to their
Towns - the circulation of these reports, which
is generally done by deserters from the American
Army, will, in all probability, protract the time
of holding of which the Treaty made , if not
totally defeat this desirable event - some in
this place have thrown out hints as if the
Commissioners already were began to be apprehensive of
personal danger, and meant not to advance any
further. - John Parrish, Joseph Moore, and John Elliott
having some days ago dined with Col. England,
the Commandant, Jacob Lindley, W.Savery and
myself, were this day, with much politeness,
kindly entertained by the same Gentleman.


Much pestered with visits from the Indians
whose chief motives for these civilites, is to get
a little Rum, but in this they are disappointed,
we having come to a resolution to give them
none, but put them off with a little Tobacco etc.