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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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the noncompliance of the United States with
two Articles of the Treaty of Peace - let these
Articles be complied with and the Forte shall
be immediately complied with evacuated,
and, he added, with some degree of warmth
- I know the disposition of your people, - what
signifies that Pidgeon House - pointing to the
Fort - I know you can take it - it is not
in the strength the place that I put my
dependance, but it is in this, that we have
Boston, New York

and Philadelphia in
Mortgage for your peaceable behaviour.


Rain all these 24 hours almost without
intermission - J. Heckenwelder

and Doctr. MoCoskry
set off for Fort Erie in order to enquire after a
passage to Detroit. - This day J.Moore join'd us,
and we were visited by Captain Hendrick and
some of the Stockbridge Indians, most of whom
speak good English, and appear to be a civil well-
-behaved people.

6mo. 1st.

This morning the Rain abated - took
a walk up the River.- immediately from the
Landing the Bank rises to the heigth of more than
150 feet above the surface of the Water, - the
range of high Land, extending each way from
the River, about an East and West course - the Land
below towards Lake Ontario, being a Level plain,