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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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the greatest part well-timbered and fertile, many
beautiful settlements on the West bank of the
River towards Newark

. - the Land after
rising the Hill above, towards Lake Erie,
being also a plain level Country, equal in
beauty and fertility to that below - as far
as I could discover, the Banks of the River,
from the Landing to the Falls,
of the heigth, perhaps from 150 to 200 feet,
are almost perpendicular, the greatest part
of solid Rock, it being the opinion of many,
that the Falls were originally near the Landing, but the
prodigious Body of Water that precipitates down
them, has worn the channel, 6 or 7 miles up
to its present situation – from a high point
on the West Bank, had a view of the River
down to the Lake, and by a small pocket
Compass found that Fort Niagara bore from
one N. by W. – In the afternoon Wm. Savery
and myself went on Horse Back to see
the great Falls, on the way found the country thickly
inhabited, all new settlements.- The River
just above the Falls I suppose to be a mile
wide, and the depth in some places 6 or 8 feet,
this prodigious body of water, conjectured to be
more than double the quantity that comes down
the Falls of Delaware near Trenton, with