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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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about 11 this morning we were visited by
Govr Simcoe

, Govr Randolph, Col Pickering
&ca.-Governor Simcoe kindly offered us the use
of his House, which stands empty among the
Soldiers Huts at the foot of the Hill, but it being
an unhealthy situation, we acknowledged his
kindness, and abode in our Tents - The poor
sickly Soldiers were also removed from this
unhealthy spot, and encamp'd on the Top
of a Hill, about half a Mile from us - this
afternoon Jos. Moore & J. Lindley left us in order
to visit some People in the Neighbourhood.


Steady Rain the greatest part of the Day -
some of our Company went down to Navy Hall to
visit the Commissioners, where it was concluded
that Friends, together with J.Hackenwelder

Dr. McCoskry might be at Liberty to proceed to
Detroit, and there remain until the time
of the Treaty.


The Rain still continued all the last Night
and the greatest part of this Day - Dr. McCoskry

down to Navy Hall and procured our passports to
Detroit - in the evening we were joined by Jacb.
, and had a visit from William Brandt
a Tuscarora Chief, who appear'd to be a sensible
and well behaved Man - he resides at a Village
about 3 miles from this place on the East Side
of the River - J. Parrish, J. Elliott and W.Savery