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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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Indians would not be ready to attend the
treaty before the last of next month.


In the morning before breakfast had a Visit
from Governor Simcoe

, who had some Conversation
with Friends respecting the Militia Laws, and
appeared very desirous that they might be so mo-
delled in this Government as to be as little oppressive
as possible - about 8 A.M. embark'd in our Boats
and at 11 Landed at the Kings Stores 9 miles from
Niagara - the Banks on both sides, all the way
up, being high and steep, and the shores very
bold, so that there are but few places wherethat are
convenient for Landing - to this place the River
is navigable for large Vessells - here in the
afternoon we had the satisfaction to meet
with our Friends John Parish, Joseph Moore
and John Elliott, who came from Philadelphia
in Company with Govern’r Rand olph & Col. Pickering
- Our Baggage, Stores, &ca. were deposited in
the Kings Stores, and we pitch'd our Tents
upon the Hill above the Landing, a number
of soldiers lay in Huts on the low grounds
below, who are very sickly, numbers dying
daily with the Dysentery.


Our small Batteaux were all dis-
charged and sent back to Schenectady

- about