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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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side of Lake Ontario, being reckoned 160 miles
- Niagara

Fort is very pleasantly situated on
a high point of Land, having Lake Ontario on
the North, and the Gut, or Niagara River on the
west.- After having refresh'd ourselves at a
Tavern in the Garrison, where the entertainment
was but indifferent, and the Charge very high,
we cross'd over the River to the New Town of
Newark, Col. Pickering having previously
engaged a House, wherein we could spread
our Mattrasses, and Cook our Victuals. - when
we landed at Niagara we found a Vessell with
her Sails loose, and just on the point of sailing
for Oswego, in order to bring us to Niagara


- First day - Remained all day at New-

, which is situated nearly opposite to the
Fort, the River, or Gut, between them being about
three quarters of a Mile wide, the Town con-
tains about 20 houses, and others building
– the Land in the vicinity but indifferent,
much inferiour to that near the Fort – at
this place we met with Governor Randolph
and Col. Pickering, the other two Commissioners
who, with General Lincoln, the Secretary & Rich’d
are entertain’d by Governor Simcoe.–
At our arrival here we were inform’d the Indians