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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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--the Timber chiefly Hemlock, Maple, Birch,
Beach &ca.- After dinner again proceeded
on our Way, and about 8 P.M. encamp'd at
a place called the Oak Orchard

, being about
50 miles from where we lay last night &
40 from Niagara.


About 8 A.M. embark'd with a fair Wind
which encreas'd and blew hard about Noon,
we were obliged to Land at a place call'd 18 mile
Creek.- The Land from Braddocks Bay to this
place very low and swampy. - here we
found a fine pleasant Bank 20 or 30 feet high, the
soil tolerable good, covered chiefly with Oak
Timber - while at this place we saw two Schooners pass by
which we supposed were from Kingston

, on
the St.Lawrence, bound to Niagara - The
wind continuing to blow hard we pitch'd
our Tents.


About 1 A.M. it being Calm, we
again moved forward and about 6 arriv'd
at the Fort of Niagara

- the shore, the
last 18 miles, being very pleasant, a level
flat Bank about 20 feet high - the Timber
which we take to be Oak appearing very
tall and fine. - The distance from Oswego to
Niagara as we coasted it, along the south side