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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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down the Lake,- a fair Wind springing
up about Midnight, we arrived about 4
A.M. at the entrance of the Onandago or Oswego
River, near the remains of Fort Brewerton

--our Passage being all the way in the Night
can give no further description of the Lake
–-the Course from the mouth of Wood Creek
being about WbN., the distance 30 miles –
the width of the Lake being from 7 to 9

19th. Left Fort Brewerton

about 7 o’clock in the
morning and proceeded with the current 18
miles to where the Seneca unites with the Onan-
dago River, at a place call’d the three points, here
we found a settlement, stopt and got our Dinners
–- the Land on both sides very low, some
appearing good, other but indifferent –- the
Timber Oak, shag bark Hickory, Maple, Ash,
Beach, Birch, Pine &ca.- about 4 P.M. proceeded
down to the Falls of Oswego, and encamp’d on the
North side near the Falls.- We have found plenty
of Fish ever since we enter'd the Onondago River --
saw Cat Fish at Fort Brewerton that would weigh 15 to
20 lb.- and a very good Fish they call Black Bass.
--at the Falls we purchased of some Indians
very excellent Salmon –- The River at the Falls is
about 200 yards wide, and the Fall over the Rock