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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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visited by Col Lewis

, Beach Tree, and Captain
John, three chiefs of the Oneida Indians -- a
very sensible speech was delivered by Beach Tree,
a grave old man, in which he congratulated
Gen'l Lincoln on his arrival, and express'd his
hearty concurrence with the Commissioners in
the object of their mission, saying he was an
old Man and very near the Grave, and as the
Work of peace was a good work, the few remain-
ing Days he had to Live should all be spent
in the promotion of it.- Captain John
made a short speech to the same effect, and
also express'd his particular satisfaction in
seeing a number of Friends on their way to
the Treaty.- Wood Creek runs into the Oneida
Lake near the East end, the Land upon the N.
side appears low and level, the Timber Pitch
Pine intermixed with Oak and other wood, the
soil whereon we encamp'd sandy and poor.
-On the south side the Country wore a more
pleasant & fertile appearance with a range
of high hills at a considerable distance to the
South East, from which to the Lake, the
Land appeared well Timbered and level--
It falling calm in the evening we struck
our Tents and embark'd about 7 and proceeded down