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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey to Detroit

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we hoisted our sails and run 20 miles up
the River to Col. Fry

’s, where we dined, a few
miles below we pass’d by a place call’d Fort
, where is a handsome Worship House and other
good Buildings –- After Dinner proceeded 8 miles
to Nellis’s Tavern where we lay all Night.- At
this place were inform’d we were but
15 miles from the Waters of Susquehanna, and
about 40 from Delaware -

Dutch- Our way this day being through a
most beautiful and fertile country -- the
Inhabitants between this and Schenectady are being
mostly low Dutch.


Got to the Little Falls about Noon (call'd 60 miles
from Schenectady

) -- here is a carrying Place of
about one Mile -- the Falls altogether are about
40 feet, preparations are now making to
render them navigable by Locks -- along these
Falls are fine mill seats, on one of which John
Porteous Esqr
has erected a very good Grist Mill & saw
Mill -- Jacob Lindley and myself were kindly
entertained by Major de Zeng, superintendent of
the Canal business at this place.


Got our Boats goods, &ca. above the Falls
and proceeded up the River about 6 miles
to a place call'd Fort Herkimar, or the German

-- The Country hereabout being very